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LIC India Merchant

LIC India Merchant is one of most important part of Life Insurance it nothing another way to earning money by just referring LIC different policy to people you know in this way of earning you have to become LIC Agent which has specific name LIC merchant, in this type you working as agent who explaining what is LIC means and what benefit you will get after buying LIC, explaining terms and condition and if they convince to buy then you have create LIC policy using your account after that you will get commission in terms of % or company has decided, now you little bit confuse which LIC provider is better for them LIC India best choice because this one of oldest and India’s first life insurance company which has huge impact on Indian market which was founded in 1956 and till now 375 lakh policies are sold out and more than 1.5 lakh crore estimates till now in India only and become number 1 company among 246 other companies and also one of the secure company so it has highest number of policy sold out as well as highest number of policy holder this company has, so LIC Empowered Agent in which Empowered Retired Employees can take part in this feature as LIC growing day by day in India market so becoming agent will be always beneficial as company already build reputation and status so choosing this company will be good for business so below we going to provide how login in to LIC merchant account.

Lic Merchant
Lic Merchant

LIC Agent Portal | LIC Agent Login

As we know there are so many fake websites which provide you wrong information which may lead to frauds as our website is not official website which only provide details of LIC India and guide people so below we giving official way to login into Agent portal.

How To Login in Merchant

  • copy one link from above and paste It to new tab
  • then enter username, password and also fill captcha and click on submit button
  • then you automatically redirected to your account in which you have different options:
  • Premium Collection
  • ULIP Premium Collection
  • Generate Premium Collection Invoice
  • Proposal Deposit Collection
  • Generate Proposal Deposit Invoice
  • View Proposal Deposit Receipts

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Premium collection By Empowered Agent

  • To Enter into Merchant Account:
  • Screen will appear which is LIC agent Portal in that
  • Enter your Merchant Id and Password
  • If you doing transaction that time it must be secrecy of the password in to be maintained by Empowered Agent.
  • After you logged into account then you will different options like Cashier Login, Generate Premium Collection, Invoice, Generate Proposal deposit Invoice, Pending Invoice, Quires (if any), view receipt, view proposal deposit receipts, Transaction fee Payment MIS, Update profile
  • Add New Cashier if you want to add your friend who can handle cashier department of your account just click on add new cashier, enter cashier ID, password and again confirm password and click on add button so just like this you can add maximum 5 cashiers in ne account, if premium collections done by cashier account all transaction will carried out under merchant tool
  • Cashier can sale around 20 policies at the time he login
  • If you want to check premium collection and number of policies then select the mode of payment either check/cash and then enter the policy numbers and get premium details
  • If you want to do payment from cheque then mode of payment will be cheque and Cash and then enter the policy number, Cheque no., cheque date, cheque MICR No and click on get premium details (The cheque MICR no. is not compulsory if you have that number then just enter Zero)
  • When you choose option Get Premium Details then you get Policies due or payment list followed by, Policy number, policy holder, FUP, premium amount, month.
  • When done payment for proof you can take print of receipt just by clicking on print receipt
  • Which has details like total premium amount, total cash amount, total cheque amount, no of cheques, short/Excess remittance amount
  • If any case If you want to renew premium in that you have to fill policy no and agency code, plan term and doc, inst, premium mode, no of Inst, Total premium, Branch next due
  • ULIP Renewal Premium Collection: select mode of payment cash only or cheque only in this premium collection cashier can collect at one premium at a time for One policy
  • Get Premium Details: it help In avoiding wrong collections
  • In which they have provided policy no, customer name, plan no, FUP, premium amount, total amount, no of units, fund type, last accounting date, last charge recovery date.

This all about LIC Merchant if you have any other quires then you can ask in comment section followed by user email address.

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